11. december last year took Wei Guixian a decision that may have been fateful for the whole world.

But she could know nothing about at the time.

The 57-year-old chinese woman felt a little småsløj with cold symptoms the 10. december. The day after she left, therefore, its state of the art on the Wuhans Hunan market in order to obtain treatment in a local health care facility.

Afterwards she returned to work in the market, where she sells live shrimp. It was a really bad decision in retrospect crystal clear light.

For it was not a simple cold, Wei Guixian had their heads shaved for themselves. Nor is it an ordinary flu, for which she by his own admission gets each and every year.

Wei Guixian was infected with the coronavirus. She knew it just not yet.

the Wall Street Journal has identified the 57-year-old woman as ‘patient zero’ on the now famous and infamous market in Wuhan, where coronapandemien probably began.

Button at the awareness

It makes the reputable american media, on the background of Wei Guixian is the first related to the market that was tested positive for the virus, which has claimed the lives of over 27,000 human lives and led to one community after another has been shut down. Including the Danish.

Wei Guixian would soon find out how serious coronaviruses are – on their own body.

The injection, she got in lægehuset, did not help, so Wei Guixian took at a local hospital to find out what she failed. But the doctors could not explain her symptoms.

“At the time I had gotten it much worse and felt very uncomfortable. I had neither the strength or energy,” says Wei Guixian to the chinese media, The Paper according to the Wall Street Journal.

Eight days after the first mild symptoms she lay in a bed in one of Wuhans largest hospitals. She was barely conscious.

the Doctors had at the time got several other patients with similar symptoms, but only at the end of december was Wei Guixian and the other patients sent to quarantine.

Far fewer could be dead

It came to pass, after the doctors had found out that there was a link between the mysterious illness and the Hunan market.

Wei Guixian getting over the disease, but lamenting that the chinese authorities did not respond faster, but only in the beginning of January officially confirmed virusudbruddet.

“So far, fewer people have died,” she says.

Employees in the Wei Guixians nabostader on the market also got a coronavirus, and the same did several of her family members. If it was her who infected them, is not known, but it is likely.

Previously, it has been promoting, that the earliest confirmed cases of coronavirus can be traced back to the 17. november, but Wei Guixian had to be the first person with a connection to the market in Wuhan, which was tested positive.

Scientists have tried to identify spredningsmønsteret for coronavirusset, since the epidemic broke out in Wuhan in January.

It will help the researchers if they can better understand how the virus has spread, and how undetected cases has contributed to the spread.