earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin may announce the date of a nationwide plebiscite on the amendments to the Constitution. While early voting may begin on the day following the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

Putin may announce a new date for a vote on Monday, June 1, because to this day, the government was required to prepare a plan of action for the recovery of the economy, according to “Vedomosti” citing four sources close to the presidential administration.

the vote on the amendments to the Constitution could take place on 1 July. In this case, the procedure will start from June 25 — the day after the Victory parade. One of the sources said that the authorities wanted to celebrate a kind of “cure the virus”: people will rise to the mood, and on this background it is possible to conduct the voting. While still considered the option of holding of a plebiscite on July 8.

Originally, the plebiscite was scheduled for 22 April, but due to the spread of the coronavirus, it was postponed indefinitely. Informed sources reported the possibility of a Victory parade and a vote on the Constitution in one day. Meanwhile, the CPS recommended to carry out the procedure in the fresh air and to stretch the event for a few days.

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