Media more than 40 people on a cruise ship in Japan was sick COVID 19

TOKYO, April 24 – RIA Novosti. Another 40 members of the crew of the cruise ship Costa Atlantica in the port of Nagasaki infected with a new type of coronavirus infection, reported the TV channel NHK.

To date, the tests revealed a contamination of 48 people. 40 new cases of infection have been identified after tests at 200 people. Of the 623-man team tests not carried out at 300, they will be completed on Friday.

Earlier it was reported that according to information from the Russian Embassy in Japan, one of the crew members with identified contamination COVID-19 – a citizen of Russia, his condition was not serious.

Also on Thursday the Agency Kyodo reported that the state of one of the patients hospitalized the day before, has deteriorated and is regarded as heavy. It is connected to the ventilator.

the team at anticlustering measures of the Ministry of health of Japan believe that the ship encountered a cluster infection.

the Cruise liner Costa Atlantica entered the port of Nagasaki on March 25 without passengers for the prevention and repair in dock of Koyagi shipyards Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and was supposed to leave port in late April on completion of all works. However, in mid-April, one of the team members had discovered a new type of coronavirus infection.

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