interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev suggested that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to work out an agreement on information cooperation. As it became known to the newspaper “news” in the letter to Elvira Nabiullina, interior Minister requested the employees of his Agency more powers to obtain information and documents relating to Bank secrecy. The document was in the order of publication.

Such measures, as noted in the letter, will contribute to more effective combating crimes in financial institutions.

according to the Minister, currently preparing a new edition of the draft agreement between the Central Bank and the Ministry of interior on information exchange, however, the position of the Ministry in there is not taken into account.

In the example the Minister cited the situation with the withdrawal of money from the largest private banks, the investigation of which began in 2018-2019, while the regulator found violations in these organizations in the period of 2016-2017 years.

“This situation is partly connected with impossibility of timely receipt of law enforcement information and documents containing Bank secrecy”, – quotes the edition of excerpts from the message.

in addition, banks refuse to police the provision of materials, referring to the ambiguity of some articles of laws.

the press service of the Central Bank in response to a request to comment on this information said that the regulator does not consider it necessary to expand law enforcement in obtaining banking secrecy.

earlier, the office of Elvira Nabiullina has sent the Ministry a letter in which asked to track the language of the economist Glazyev, who openly accused the Central Bank in the collapse of the ruble and proposed to levy a tax on purchase of foreign currency. Glazyev’s statements “carry reputational risks for joint government and Bank of Russia”, the letter said.

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