Repatriated employees will be covered by a support package, which covers part of the salary.

the Airline British Airways (BA) is expected to return about 36,000 employees.

It writes to the BBC on the basis of one or more anonymous sources.

Large parts of the british company aircraft is on the ground, while coronaviruskrisen raging the world over.

While the airline negotiated with the trade union Unite in over a week, and the parties according to the BBC reached an agreement, where only a few details are missing.

This is 80 percent of the company’s employees on planes, in airports and at head office to be repatriated.

None of the employees will, however, as a starting point dismissed.

The hit is the subject of a british utility, which covers 80 percent of wages up to a limit of 2500 pounds, equivalent to about 21.000 dollars.

the airline industry is generally hard hit by the coronavirussets took. With a travel ban, closed borders and a general fear of moving out is the number of air travelers has fallen drastically.

the Airline SAS has also sent a large part of its employees home temporarily, and many have gone temporarily down in salary.

British Airways reported Tuesday that the company suspended its flights to and from the airport Gatwick outside of London.

Gatwick Airport is the second largest airport in the Uk. The decision to repatriate the employees will include all Gatwick and London City Airport, writes the BBC.

the Airline’s chief warned earlier this month that British Airways is struggling to survive.

You will have to fire people and park the planes in the hangar because of the “significant restrictions and a challenging market”, it said.

BA’s parent company IAG, has indicated that flykapaciteten be reduced by 75 percent in april and may.

A second british airline, easyJet, announced on Monday that the entire fleet of aircraft has been parked on the ground.