Measures of distancing in airplanes called idiotic

Executive Director of a major budget airline Ryanair has described the measures of distancing in the aircraft, which in future can come the airlines, stupid and ineffective. His words publishes the Daily Mail.

As stated by Michael O'Leary (Michael O'Leary), if in the interior of the aircraft will take away some seats, it’ll be killer for profit.

“We will not be able to earn money with utilization of aircraft by 66 percent. Even if the chairs will be removed, no social distancing will not happen, so it’s kind of a stupid idea, which anyway lead to nothing”, — shared his opinion the employee of Ryanair.

O'Leary also appealed to the Irish government and said that if authorities refuse to compensate airlines for the losses due to new restrictive measures, the carrier even refuse to travel.

58-year-old Michael O'Leary is known for his controversial statements. It was he who suggested to levy taxes on passengers using the toilets on Board the aircraft, as well as advocated to obese travelers pay extra for their weight. In addition, the Director of Ryanair called Muslims terrorists.

Earlier in April, Director General of the International air transport Association (IATA) Alexander de Juniac predicted the future of air travel after the pandemic coronavirus. The expert warned that when international flights will be resumed, the government will introduce new restrictive measures for travelers and airlines. According to him, we are talking about reducing the number of passengers in the aircraft and increasing the space between them in the interior of the liner.