as of 12 p.m. on march 18, 2020, our country is in the “lock light”. The measures in the public life is greatly constrained. All non-essential stores should be closed, and there is also a samenscholingsverbod. If you don’t comply with the rules, will be punished.

What stores are open today? What’s it close to?

the Only essential shops should be kept open. It’s going to be grocery stores, pharmacies, newsagents, post offices, petrol stations and banks. In grocery stores, the access is limited. In a 10-square-meter, there should be a single customer. Also, people are now a half-an-hour’s time, to do their shopping. “That’s for everyone to have the opportunity to do some shopping.” In addition, it can also be dierenvoedingswinkels offer.

as of Tuesday, hairdressers, etc., march 24, was the National Security council, after a firm protest by hair stylists also agree that it’s doors will be closing, but subject to strict terms and conditions.

the market is, by definition, is illegal, but voedingskramen should be placed where they are “essential” as they are. Probably going to be the region where the area is not a supermarket. In addition, also the shops remain open till 22 o’clock, but there should be enough distance between the customers are stored.

the Restaurants will continue to be the meantime, but the take-away and deliveries to the house as possible.

Can I go outside?

There was a samenscholingsverbod, and all non-essential travel should be prohibited. People should as much as possible, binnenblijven. Physical exercise in the open air, it is not prohibited. “It’s even encouraged,” says the prime minister, Sophie Wilmès. I would like to say is the best, but it may be in your family. Parents are allowed with their children to get outside to go for a walk. If you live alone, do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend over. Also, here are the rules of the social distancing, be respected. If you like the other people said, you need to be at least 1.5 meters away and retain.

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in the Event that required, however, you may still have to move in order for it to work, but working from home is the norm. Also, The Line of the RAILWAY to continue to drive. It was previously announced that both of these routes, the trains would have to delete it, but they have plenty of capacity for passengers, a 1.5-metre distance from each other as possible.

What offenses?

The police department will be keeping watch over the samenscholingsverbod. Those who do not comply with the rules, will be punished. Also to have bars in their patio furniture retrieve it, presumably to avoid people on the street are going to stay.

in addition, the authorities strictly supervise the enterprises in home-based work is becoming the norm. Companies will be required to make it happen, “regardless of the industry, regardless of its features, regardless of the size of the company. For jobs where this is not possible, the rules of the social distancing, maximum is met. That is to say, that there is between employees or between employees at a minimum of 1.5 metres away. The companies that the rules are not respected, or their employees, to needlessly force it to work, it will be a heavy fine. In case of a second violation, the government is in the business to close.

this is a lockdown, is it not?

The federal government wants the word “lock” does not appear in the mouth and take it. Also, the term ” lockdown, too many negative connotations to have. “People are out of their homes, and they are allowed to remain on the job, and that is not a lockdown,” said minister of france.

when to apply each type of measure.

the new measures will apply until at least april 5. Also, keep to the measures last week have been taken out of power. The school will remain suspended. Care for the children of parents in the critical sectors of the economy or only for the children, to talk to, is guaranteed. Also, day-care centres will remain open.

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