The French television station BFMTV Saturday apologised after a reporter was a “totally inappropriate” remark was made during the broadcast, the Chinese pay homage to the victims of the corona virus. The journalist was temporarily made inactive.

“She’s buried in the Pokemons’, as heard of the tv viewers, and a man’s murmur when she was Saturday morning, on BFMTV to look at the watch it was on the day of national mourning in China. The note is created instantly in front of thousands of comments on social media sites.

as a Journalist With Lechypre went out a little later due to the dust. “Thinking the microphone is off, were I in the morning, during the broadcast of the tribute to the victims of trafficking in China is a totally inappropriate comment. This was totally uncalled for. I’m so sorry, and I am, once again I’m sorry to,” he said.

a Moment later, was also the boss of Marc-Olivier Fogiel, his apology for the inadvertent broadcast of the totally inappropriate comment to you this morning”. The French news channel, decided to pre order Lechypre a week for the screen to catch up.

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