In the Potsdam district court, the 21-year-old son of clan boss Arafat Abou-Chaker got hold of Bushido’s property for a measly 7 million euros on Wednesday. As the only bidder, he acquired the villa for half of its actual value. Even the district court in Potsdam is now surprised at the process.

A bargain for the 21-year-old student: Bushido’s property went to the son of Abou Chaker for the minimum bid of 7.4 million euros. However, the property is worth exactly twice that: According to the court, the market value is 14.8 million euros. The real estate market in Berlin is usually highly competitive. So why weren’t there more bids?

At the request of FOCUS Online, the district court in Potsdam announced that it could not make any statements about the auction. However, people there were also quite surprised that only one bid was received for the luxury property at the auction. “Normally there are always interested third parties in comparable auctions,” said a press spokesman from the Potsdam district court to FOCUS Online. One can only speculate as to why no further bids were made. “Maybe nobody just wants to live there,” said the spokesman.

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Background: In addition to Bushido’s former property, there are also two villas belonging to the clan boss Arafat Abou-Chaker on the park-like property. As business partners at the time, Bushido and the clan boss acquired the three villas in the Berlin suburb of Kleinmachnow. According to “Bild”, observers of the process assumed that there was little interest in the property even before the auction.

In addition to the fact that Arafat and his brother Yasser live in the other two villas, there are also some dismantling measures to be taken. Because there was no building permit for the luxury wellness temple with swimming pool, which is why it will probably have to be dismantled. The costs for this are estimated at a whopping 2.6 million euros.

Arafat’s lawyer also cited water damage during the foreclosure sale to depress the property’s value. After 30 minutes, the son of the clan boss was awarded the contract. Where Arafat’s son gets the money from remains questionable.

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Rapper Bushido only gets 3.7 million from the auctioned proceeds, half of the already weak proceeds. The Abou-Chakers are now the sole owners of the property complex. The ex-business partners had once bought the property on which the property in question stands together in the luxury suburb of Kleinmachnow. The owner company has now been abolished by the auction.

In the past, said villa complex has often made headlines. As early as 2020, 300 officers were at the door of the clan boss during a raid. 18 properties were searched on suspicion of tax evasion and money laundering against clan boss Arafat Abou-Chaker, including his villa in Kleinmachnow. Assets of several million euros were provisionally secured at the time.