A woman lets herself be seduced during a Thai massage while on vacation. Six years later, she still struggles with her guilty conscience because her husband doesn’t know about it. 

A woman (35) is troubled by an affair during a vacation in Thailand six years ago. She has been married to her husband for seven years. “Otherwise we have always been open and honest with each other,” she tells the “Sun” and asks for advice. 

And that’s how it happened: Six years ago, the woman wanted to try out a traditional Thai massage while on vacation in Thailand. A friend had raved to her about how relaxing and therapeutic these massages were. She took up the offer at the hotel with corresponding curiosity.

But the massage quickly developed into an erotic adventure. Although she knew she should have stopped, she said she enjoyed the touches and even booked multiple massages with the same woman, experiencing sexual climaxes each time.

When she returned home, she felt remorseful, torn between the need to tell her husband the truth and the fear of losing him and their marriage. The feelings of guilt still plague her six years later, as she confessed to the “Sun”.

An expert advises the woman to see a therapist to process the experience and find a way to deal with her guilty conscience. It would hurt her husband and possibly destroy the relationship if she told him about the affair.

A Thai massage is a form of body work that originated in Thailand and is part of traditional Thai medicine. It combines acupressure, energetic work and yoga-like stretches. A Thai massage does not use oils and is typically performed on a floor mat with clothed clients.

Thai massage is intended to promote blood circulation, improve flexibility, relieve tension and increase general well-being. It is also used to treat a variety of ailments and to promote health.

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