In social networks people write that in some places they now do not serve and even on the threshold is not allowed without masks. Buyers seem to have forgotten that the regime of high alert in the city has not been canceled, and the obligations of the public to adhere to the mask mode. On one of the forums of the Solntsevo district, for example, you can see the complaints of the customers. “In a “roundabout” in the street Sholokhov I broke the item, because there was no mask,” writes one user. “And I didn’t sell gloves for the soul” – echoes another woman.

In the shopping center “metropolis” security is not even allowed visitors without masks, and guests don’t always react with understanding. Although the control is for their own good. “Try to take the place of a security guard, a day he himself has to stand in a mask and explain to disgruntled people, why it is necessary, – said in the appeal of the metropolis to the guests. – We ask that you understand and accept the situation: the virus has not disappeared, and we must all unite to stop the pandemic.” The behavior of the administration and protection of stores from the point of view of the law was fully justified, says lawyer Vladimir Postnik. “According to the explanations of the CPS, such actions should not be considered a violation of the rights of consumers”, – explained the lawyer. Security has the right to call the police, and there to the Protocol on the buyer to close.

If the regime does not respect the staff, they are attracted to the responsibility of the CPS. According to the Department of trade and services, last month after the orders on elimination of violations was suspended 24 shops, both food and non-food. “These checks are always carried out”, – explained the “RG” the head of the Department of trade and services Alexey ameryk. From 11 to 30 April, when the pandemic in the city was growing, was initiated 6191 administrative proceedings at the enterprises of trade in violation of the requirements, and the total amount of fines amounted to 338 million rubles. “Another issue that the visitors have now become worse to a regime – continues Ameryk. There are statistics on transport: if the first masked was 94 percent of the passengers, now it is 68 percent. Approximately the same situation – visually and in stores. “Therefore, forced to recall: there are security rules, and nobody has canceled,” adds Ameryk.

the Automated machines for the sale of products and goods becoming closer to the population areas. In the period of limitations for COVID-19 this played into the hands of some market players – they managed to earn more than another business in the same industry. This was due to the demand for water and dairy products in vending machines that were installed near residential houses in residential areas. Sales in this segment in the period of the pandemic rose to 20%.

This business is rather profitable. From PLYusov – no need of investment in repair and improvement, hiring specialist staff. If the location is not profitable, then you pull the plug and move to another location.

But the bulk of the machine that is located in institutes, schools, shopping and business centers and other public places to which access is limited or is still closed. Among the victims were the vendors who install and service coffee machines in the HoReCa segment. Less than one quarter of the usual amount of revenue earned by the owners of vending machines in hospitals, media offices, warehouses. A significant drop from vending at airports – demand, despite the partial lifting of restrictions, is recovering very slowly.

has Prepared Ekaterina Petrova