The former English landsholdsstjerne Ashley Cole has been the victim of a violent burglary at his home.

It writes several English media.

the Robbery happened 21. January, where several masked burglars entered the Coles mansion in Fetcham, located just outside London.

It succeeded the thieves to get away with expensive jewellery from the property, where Ashley Cole lives with his wife and the couple’s two children.

A spokesman for the local police confirms, opposite The Sun, that there has been a burglary in the area

“Our investigation is still in progress, following a violent burglary in Fetcham 21. January.”

“Burglars broke into the property through the rear doors around noon. 21.45.”

“The suspects searched the property before they got away with some jewelry. They were described as wearing camouflagetøj, gloves and elefanthuer,” says the spokesperson.

According to the anonymous sources, it was a violent and professional break-in, and Ashley Cole had to be ’extremely shaken’ over the incident.

Ashley Cole played in his active career, among other things, Arsenal and Chelsea, and he went on to play 107 matches for England.

He set his active career after last season.

In the day, the 39-year-old Ashley Cole as a youth coach at Chelsea, as he periodically is fodboldekspert on English tv.