billionaire Martin Ebner (74) yesterday hatched at the inauguration of the first new Embraer E190-E2 at the Zurich airport with a VIEW into the Cockpit. Since he was the only owner of the Helvetic and not a Pilot, want to give to the Financier is quite modest. And not to the pilot expensive set.

Less modest in his expansion plans: With the twelve-ordered Jets, worth about 700 million Swiss francs, he doubled up to 2021 its fleet. In the next summer, the Airline will employ 560 employees, about 100 more than it is today.

order flights for established Airlines such as Swiss in Europe, the main source of income currently. He sees this as a big growth business, in which he wanted to set the tone. Of the climate movement, he does not expect any negative impact on the business – it’s a hysteria, the go over.

Martin Ebner : There are no really large Airline in Europe. So far, the established airlines with small planes had to operate intra-European routes yourself. But it is my Belief that this is outsourced as in the United States the next few years to a third party, such as us. We want to occupy this Segment of the small Aviator with up to 140 seats.

A flight ticket levy will not affect us. That’s why I have a stomachache. What gives me to think is that such a hip judgments to be made. The airline ticket tax brings in nothing. It is just an additional tax.

I do not think that this is why less is flown. Mobility is a basic human need.

no, we have only one customer at the Moment and will not be lured away. This is the Swiss.

no. It will pass again. This is a hysteria. Just out of self-interest, we have the most fuel efficient and quietest aircraft at all. This will be a trump card that we have to play. The climate movement is playing into the Hand.

Swiss has the best credit rating, we can imagine.

We are a other employer. We are good for employees looking for a family environment. We are flexible enough to be able to part-time jobs offer.

We always have new requests. But at the Moment we have no additional capacity.

Bern is difficult for us. I don’t want to say.

It is possible that there are still something. Bern is a more expensive airport. He is very expensive.

part-time work makes this possible. For women we are an attractive employer. Around 15 percent of pilots are women. It is often the case that we have 100 per cent women in the machine. Two in the front and three in the back.

I feel very safe with the women. But there are passengers who look a little funny. Part-time is part of our business model in the cabin. There are very many students, the flying two days in the week with us and look forward. They radiate something when you fly. We should not underestimate.

special flights are becoming more and more popular. What I really want is that the new Embraer E2 is a cult. This is my dream. So that the people you are flying your Known questions, whether E2. It is a special experience.

There are various possibilities. You might fly in a day in Mallorca, or to Portugal and back again. This can be for a wedding, or even for a birthday party.

About 40’000 Swiss francs per Round trip. If you invite 100 people, are the 400 francs per Person. Depending on the event, the plane will be decorated specially. For the lighting, there are also different ways. You can make Moonlight. But this is not my area of expertise.