dear Ronja, You’re ten years married, but now is your marriage. Tell us a bit about your relationship.

Like. Two weeks after our wedding our first daughter was born. She had an infection that spread quickly throughout the body. After nine days, our child died from failure to complete organ. This blow of fate has changed our whole life and our relationship.

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I can in retrospect say that we have already stopped at the time, really together. We didn’t want to burden each other with Worries and thoughts of the other. My husband threw himself into the work, was little at home, and I made a lot of with myself. Our way of grieving was totally different.

A year later, I was pregnant again, three years later, then again. In all that time my husband worked a lot and I got him back to home free, and me to our two daughters taken care of. More and more, we lived just next to each other. We talked much to little, it gave more and more armed, and we both felt each other completely misunderstood. #Corona care: Germany helps – FOCUS Online

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right now we are all sitting close to each other. If the relationship is already shaky, that is certainly very difficult, is it?

In the first week of the Corona-crisis, my husband was in the morning from around 6 PM until late in the evening on the work. Often, he only came home when the children were asleep. For the children of this whole transition was really hard, so that they were quite challenging. This has me totally stressed and my anger I have omitted then often in the evening to my husband. The goods really are no good days.

And, therefore, have you made a decision…

Yes, the mood was so bad that we decided that my husband is off for now, until something came calm in the family. Since then, he comes in two afternoons in the week and on the weekend, to see the children.

How are You doing with the new living situation?

My husband is no longer living now for two weeks. I actually feel lighter and somehow relieved. I notice in dealing with the children. The thought to take my life now even in the Hand, doesn’t scare me anymore.

I have in the last year, a small house in another part of the city is inherited, the stands empty. So far, I couldn’t imagine moving. This has now changed, because I see no other Chance to find a affordable apartment for me and our children. That’s why I plan how wild the renovation and relocation so that we can start at the end of the summer holidays in the house. FOCUS Online provides you with the most exciting Reports from the parents. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

My husband was caught off guard when I told him about it. But his behavior in the last few months just felt so after a breakup, I’m just going to focus on myself.

What did you tell Your children about the new Situation?

we advised the family advice to speak as openly as possible with our daughters (five and eight years). We have discussed with you, that we start an Experiment, and that the dad will take off for four weeks, because we’re fighting ourselves as parents so much and that there are no longer days where we have dear to us.

Now, I asked the girls if they could imagine to draw in the house. We had a garden, grandma and grandpa live in the same road, the forest is almost in front of the door. Whether it is for my husband and me a Chance, I can’t say. At the moment I feel at the thought of to go with the kids this step, just extremely free. In retrospect, we were both already so long unhappy.

What do You wish for the future?

I hope that we will all be happy again. The children, my husband and I. In what constellation – the time will show. But first and foremost, it is important that the children experience a stability, which I also in regular contact with the dad. He is and always will be an important part of our life. But at the present time, I can say that we are as a couple is not happy. And I would just like to be happy again…

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