urgent Transport: Maritime search and rescue have medical samples from patients should be urgently on the Coronavirus Covid 19 tested, from the island of Norderney to the mainland was transported. The sea rescue cruiser “Eugene” brought you last Monday to Norddeich (Ostfriesland). The rescue units of the German society for sea rescue (DGzRS), and thus contribute to security of supply in the Islands. If they are bound in no use for search and rescue at sea, you can carry out such offers of help.

The request for the rescue crews reached on a physician, the coordinates on the island of Norderney the Tests. Since the island ferries because of the tourist in force, barring prohibition of the Islands rare and not to run always medically necessary times, the Maritime search and rescue transportation of the samples.

The rescue crews bring Covid 19 Tests to the mainland © GMRS Float magazine

for the First time, the German Maritime search and rescue in Corona use. “We can do all this in urgent cases when no other options are available,” says Peter Henning, foreman of the rescue cruiser “Eugene”.

distress-stakes priority

Because, of course, the maritime Search and rescue (SAR = Search and Rescue) which has priority still. The main task derDGzRS is finally. The same, of course, Maritime search and rescue is a jump, however, in the case of sufficient capacities in the context of mutual assistance. For ambulance services, the GMRS is available, but so far this had not been necessary to float a spokeswoman.

The first Norderneyer the “Eugen achieved samples” arrive on time to your location in island harbour. The ship of the Maritime search and rescue brought them without incident to the mainland at Norddeich. From there, the equipment was transferred to the laboratory. On the island of Norderney nine employees rescue crews are in use, eight Volunteers to support you.

the 155-year history of the DGzRS die seenotretter are often been in use, to the supply to ensure safety of the people on the Islands and Halligen. In particular, in the framework of the Eisnotdienstes in the Winter, you have provided important support. Also in the case of storm floods or fires, if there was a lack of fire water, they were already in use.

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