Margot Robbie/johnny Depp

After leaving 57-year-old johnny Depp from the adventure franchise “pirates of the Caribbean” (Pirates of the Caribbean), its creators began to look for a new hero to try to oust the hearts of the audience the image of captain Jack Sparrow created by the actor. And, it seems, found, but not the hero and heroine. 29-year-old Margot Robbie has signed a contract for the main role in the spin-off of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

according to The Hollywood Reporter, the new “Pirates…” will restart the project and try to check whether it can exist without johnny Depp. “Pirates of the Caribbean” was one of the most financially successful franchises in the history of cinema, having collected more than $ 4.5 billion over five movies.

Margot Robbie

johnny Depp

On restart “Pirates of the Caribbean”, where now the story will be swayed around pirates, a screenwriter and producer Christine Hodson, previously worked with Margot Robbie on “Hisname birds” (Birds of Prey). Behind Hodson scenarios for spin-offs of “Transformers” (Transformers) and “Batgirl” (Batgirl).

On the departure from the project johnny Depp was affected by personal problems, including trial and scandalous divorce from 34-year-old amber heard, who accused the actor of domestic violence. Now, recall, Depp re-suing her, alleging defamation. After appearing in the media that the actress herself has used to her husband physical and psychological violence, fans of johnny launched online campaign in support of it and created a petition calling on the Disney Studio to regain Depp in the role of Jack Sparrow.