With Pierce Brosnan (66) hits it sometimes and have a Drink: Marco Grob (54) had pretty much every Size from Film, politics and society in front of his lens. The former Bond actor, he has already photographed a number of times. “Pierce is cool, sympathetic and very professional. Like most who play in his League,” he enthuses. Until 2003, a photo Studio was Roughly still in his hometown of Olten. He then worked in Hamburg and Berlin as well as in South Africa. For ten years he lives in New York – at least then, if he travels for his work around the world: 280 days of the year. Private life? Coarse grins and says dryly: “Difficult.”

Rock ‘n’ Roll behind the camera

But this is life in such an exciting profession secondary: “I may be doing the Job that I love, and am a great Crew on the way. We are a bit like a rock band,” he explains. Be rocked to the highest politicians, each of the past six U.S. presidents has Grossly portrayed already. “Yeah, I wonder what’s going on in a person who leads a Nation of 350 million people,” says Gross. “Because I’m merciless. I want to show no cuddle photos, but the true face. You can read all of this, what is never pronounced.”

he would like to Swap with any of the top stars

Gracious is Coarse with show stars, you should feel comfortable, such as, for example, George Clooney (58): “He fills with his presence in the room, without being inflated. He has not simply necessary.” Would like to swap it with any of the top stars, not even for a day: “It is not easy, such a role Would be completed,” he says.

Next week is Coarse, once again, in Olten: Of 28. to 31. August, he gathered for the second Photo Festival IPFO, the international Elite of the photography, the Stars behind the cameras.