now, Marc Van Ranst may have his hands full with the fight against feline corona virus in the country, and he is happy to have time to interact and talk to the little ones, feel free to ask. If he could get the seven-year-old with Her, to be reassuring: santa Claus is alive and well.

now, Marc Van Ranst, shares the touching request of Her, to (7), on his facebook page. “I’m hooor, that in Spain there are more and more people who are ill,” he writes to the boy, who was clearly worried about, and the greatest friend. “Is saint Nicholas, also get sick? And then it was dead? I hope they will be in Spain for someone like you.”

now, Even that is a difficult question to Marc Van Ranst, a response. He enlisted the help of a Spanish colleague, professor Javierologica. They know santa Claus is good, writes Van Ranst. And, fortunately, our virologist is in order I assure.

“I’m pleased to report that the santa Claus are alive and well, it is. He has been separated, on the first floor of the castle and receive a month of no visitors.” According to Van Ranst will be the dinner of the st. nicholas pays over a keukenliftje to his room and sent off, and he talks several times per day, with a Zwarte Piet over the computer program Skype.

besides, according to Van Ranst, his santa Claus, and Black peter is already working hard to make toys for them once they are in december once again come to our country, and that’s all well in hand.

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