as a Former triathlete Marc Herremans has to be an adequate way has been found for the period in a quarantine, training, the much-feared El Capitan climb. That is, he showed up with a movie on a service like Twitter.

this is not the first time that he has ventured to the El Capitan. In 2006, started the Herremans already been trying to to five days to be at the top of climb. After one day, he was already looking at. “As a matter of inappropriate material,” was in the past. El Capitan is a 900 m high granite cliff in the Yosemite National Park in the U.s. state of California, and is famous for its challenging rock climbing routes.

now, Herremans, which is nowadays mainly active as a motivatiespreker and athletic coach, was in 2002 and was paralyzed from his chest to his toes in an accident on the island of Lanzarote.

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