Pianist owes 2 million roubles to the businessman Yuri Rastegin. To repay the debt, she wants to draw Dzhigarkhanyan, requiring him half of the amount.

Currently, the case is pending in court. While Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya does not negate the fact that the duty of her exists, she just thinks that I should pay it, not itself.

At the time when the relationship of the couple was a complete idyll, Vitalina feel the need to make repairs in the apartment Armen Borisovich. With this purpose she took the money borrowed from Rastegin. According to the businessman, one million were provided under the bill and the second under the loan agreement. In both cases, as a borrower of funds appeared Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.

At the moment, a woman requires to bring this case Dzhigarkhanyan, because at that time she was married with him. Moreover, she spent money on improving the condition of the apartments, which were occupied by the actor.

Rastegin says that he knows Armen Borisovich and is with him in wonderful ways. What the actor himself thinks about this situation, it is unknown to date reviews he gave.