Today, 90 percent of Swiss consumers to use, according to the Internet, where over 70 percent of all customer contacts with their initial Online search. According to the so-called search engine optimization (SEO) for SMEs are of high importance. A on Tuesday released analysis of more than 18’000 Swiss SMEs-sites on behalf of the Swisscom subsidiary local search now shows, however, that the local SMEs with many SEO-criteria lag behind the recommendations afterwards.

Almost half (41 per cent) of SMEs-site has, according to the study, for example, via an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). Thus, the identity of this web page is not authenticated and data is transmitted unencrypted to the Server. The place is a security risk, which Google recommend as exceptionally relevant, is it.

sites that do not have an SSL certificate, you would therefore expect a lower search engine ranking. Not only that, but pop-up safety warnings, and made in many browsers, the lack of encryption, the attention would be unsettling in the first line of the user. As a result, the risk that these not opened up to the page even increases.

Also, regarding speed and load times of web pages, the study sees a clear need for improvement, especially in the case of the mobile versions. This is important, because in the case of a load time of more than 3 seconds, according to studies, already 53 percent of users cancel the operation and the website would leave.

The investigated SME websites need in their desktop version for the construction of an average of 3.8 seconds, what is an acceptable load time. The mobile versions were, however, at 9.4 seconds, well above the recommended value, and are accordingly for the users of unattractive. Positive was however, that 71 percent of all Swiss SMEs had websites at all about a mobile Version.

in addition to data security, Page Speed and optimization for the mobile Internet according to the study, a variety of other criteria to a positive user experience and good search engines placement. This includes the active management of Social Media and the linking of Profiles with the company website belong to about.

This potential benefit, however, according to the study, only a relatively few firms, with Only 24 percent have a Facebook-Account, 16 percent via an Instagram presence, and this is connected with your website. Positive, the gastronomy and the hotel industry placed here with much higher values.

the study also looks at the update of the website: 44 percent of the companies examined, the pages had not been updated within a year, it is called.