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Very many people say that they are bored and they want to buy cheap goods. They care simply do not and it is very disappointing to see, ” says Wenche Fredriksen, seksjonssjef for border control on Sunday.

on Wednesday, police and customs officials at the border crossing stopped many norwegians who chose to add påskehandelen to neighbouring.

Easter has traditionally been a time where many norwegians have gone over the border to shop, go on a camping trip or attaching in Strømstad on maundy Thursday.

But not even the extensive border controls or authorities clear request to drop trips abroad have stopped people, writes Halden Arbeiderblad.

Police: – Emerging a little selfish

From Wednesday morning until at 15, it was dealt 124 karanteneskjemaer, confirms the police in the East police district to NRK.

Those who were on the verge of the day today was left with the feeling that there has been an increase of harryhandel-tendencies, ” says the police operasjonsleder Trond Lorentzen.

What do you think about that?

– There are probably many of the same thoughts as the majority perhaps would have had. It appears a little selfish and that they do not contribute to the common dugnaden, ” says Lorentzen.

Seksjonssjef Wenche Fredriksen at Svinesund customs office is disappointed in those who go out of the country to act.

Photo: Vidar Ruud

rhtv in customs for a job says that figure is “surprisingly high”.

She tells us that the customs officials on Wednesday handed out more fines to people who had too much tobacco and alcohol home from shopping.

– It is simply poorly done to both the authorities and those who run the risk of becoming infected. Some would rather sit in the quarantine in order to get traded in Sweden, while others say that they don’t care about the regulations. They are not welcome either by the police, customs officials or the home Guard, ” says Fredriksen.

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no later than Monday this week was police commissioner Ida Melbo Øystese in the East police district on Sunday. She asked the da people to follow authorities ‘ advice.

We are worried that people maybe are a little tired of all the measures and think that a trip to Sweden can’t hurt. It is what we want to prevent. All must take their share of responsibility and be at home, she said.

the Superintendent said at the same time that the police mans up on the border in connection with the week of easter, and that they must have controls both on the way in and out of the country.

Police commissioner Ida Melbo Øystese in the East, the police ask the norwegians about to drop utenlandsturen in the week of easter.

Photo: Rahand Bazaz/NRK

It is not illegal to go to Sweden, but everyone who crosses the border on the way back to Norway will be subject to a 14 day hjemmekarantene.

you Cross the border again before the 14 days has passed, it is considered as a violation of the karantenebestemmelsen, and you can then be subject to a fine of 15-20.000.

Innsatsleder Frode Petersen in the Eastern police district said Tuesday to the newspaper Dagbladet that a few such cases are registered in the system so far, without that it has come to a fine yet.

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