Around 7 p.m. German time, Apple will press the start button this Monday and release the download of iOS 16.1 for the iPhone, iPadOS 16.1 and macOS 13 Ventura. The big update orgy ensures that all Apple devices are brought up to date and that functions that were already announced for iOS 16, but did not make it into the release in time, are subsequently submitted.

The manufacturer gave a first glimpse of the next major update of the Mac operating system in June at its WWDC developer conference. In the past few months, interested parties have been able to test Ventura as part of the public beta test.

macOS and iOS continue to grow together. With macOS Ventura, you can now find a whole range of functions on the desktop that were previously reserved for the iPhone or iPad.

The most visible innovation is probably the new window manager “Stage Manager” that automatically organizes open programs and windows on the left edge of the screen. Purpose of the exercise: Users should be able to concentrate on the currently open work and still have a good overview of everything else.

With the also new camera transfer function, Mac users can also use an iPhone as a webcam for the first time. Macs automatically detect and mount the camera on the iPhone when the iPhone is nearby. The mobile phone does not even have to be woken up for this.


System Settings: Apple has simplified the design and navigation to match the layout of iOS.

The first major update for iOS 16 is supposed to add some features that have not yet made it into the final release, but were sold by Apple as a “big iOS 16 novelty”.

One of the highlights of the new version should be the so-called live activities, which should make it possible to get real-time updates of apps displayed on the lock screen. Live sports results, the location of delivery services or the training progress were mentioned as examples from Apple. Users of the new iPhone 14 devices with an always-on display should be particularly pleased about this.

Tonight, all iPad users should also benefit from iOS 16 for the first time. After the simultaneous update with the iPhones fell into the water, the Apple developers have now reworked.

The most important innovations and changes: iPadOS 16 simplifies the sharing of photos, and automatic sharing of photos is also possible. Individual motifs in pictures can be cut out, cropped, copied and shared along the contours with just a tap of the finger.

Multitasking should work even more efficiently on iPadOS 16. In the “Stage Manager”, for example, the size of apps can be adjusted and displayed overlapping. SharePlay should make it easier for users to play games together in the future.

An overview of all changes and innovations in iPadOS 16 can be found on the Apple website.

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