The climate movement “Last Generation” announced further protest actions in German cities on Twitter. These include Berlin, Leipzig, Hanover and Düsseldorf.

In Freiburg, activists have already blocked a street since 8.30 a.m., the police are on duty. In Berlin, too, there are currently several protest actions on Rathenauplatz, Messedamm and Heckerdamm. In addition, the protesters stuck to the A100 and A115 motorway exits. There were several clashes with drivers.

In Leipzig, the last generation has blocked the B2/Maximilianallee at the corner of Theresienstraße. How many activists are on site was not initially known. According to the police, traffic is backing up towards the city center up to Messeallee. In Magdeburg, activists are sitting on the B1 towards the city center at the level of the Elbe island of Großer Werder. Here, too, the number of participants was not initially known. There was also a protest action in Jena.

Half a dozen activists from the climate protection movement have meanwhile blocked the Deisterkreisel in Hanover. Two of the activists stuck to the asphalt, a police spokesman said. Because of the blockade, traffic is backing up on Bornumerstrasse, Deisterstrasse and Westschnellweg, among other places. Local public transport is also affected. Police advise avoiding the area. In Düsseldorf, members of the climate movement blocked traffic at Graf-Adolf-Platz.

With their protests, the activist group is reacting to the alleged failure of the federal government to have “not even taken the simplest security measures such as a speed limit”, wrote “Last Generation”.