Many businesses will be able to recover only after two years

And the main task of those who suffered in part, to the end of the year to reach the breakeven point. “That is, to survive, to pay salaries, to have the turnover to support business,” outlined prospects Rima Boytsova. The Republic’s authorities are ready to help those, and others.

the First recipients of state support in Bashkortostan will be the enterprises of small and average business the most affected sectors. As noted by Rimma Boytsova, in the definition of “most affected” is meant those activities that are paralyzed at least until the beginning of the summer.

Is a hotel, tourism business, catering, health resort organizations, the sphere of culture and art, consumer services, further education – a total of 16 types of economic activities, – said Rimma Boytsova.

If they use the simplified system of taxation, you will receive benefits. If levied only on income, then the rate will be reduced from six to one percent. If taxable income minus expenses – five instead of 15. Also “risen” enterprises are exempt from payment of property tax.

There is a decision to refuse payments on lease of state and municipal property from 1 April until 31 December 2020. Preference will concern the enterprises included in the register of SMEs. Now it is 128 thousand from 140 thousand SMEs operating on the territory of the Republic.

to Get a list of SMEs you can, if you take statements. Now is the time to rent state or municipal property. Such an opportunity until August 10, 2020, – said Rimma Boytsova.

Owners of commercial real estate of the promised tax benefits on the property if they will reduce the rent to those who use their premises. However, tenants are reluctant to it, although there are precedents for the nullification of lease in shopping centers.

Rima Boytsova said that there were two kinds of state. The first will please the family business, if it employs all family members – from three to five people. And one of them is the founder. They can apply for subsidies for each employee in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. The second type of grant, intended for developers of digital applications for e-Commerce, further education, online entertainment.

One of the most acute problems of entrepreneurs – the need to pay the loans proposed to be solved by refinancing through government microfinance institution (MFI RB). It decapitalized to give out loans to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs under six percent, and in mono – under three percent. The services of MFIs RB can make use of the 200 entrepreneurs.

Many of the measures from the “first batch” are Advisory in nature. Their introduction and scope depend on the decisions of municipal councils on��objects]. Unity on this question does not appear.

the Business Ombudsman in Bashkortostan Republic flur Asadullin believes that within one country there should not be diversity of perspectives. “We sent out a letter to all municipalities, – he said, – a recommendation to follow the example of Sterlitamak where zeroed out taxes for the lease of municipal property for all the subjects of small and average business. And not only are included in the list of the most affected, which are only 16”. He also voiced the wish of the business community to extend the incentives for the enterprises working on simplified system of taxation, for the next year to help rebuild their economies.

Provided for “kids” of support measures is not yet earned. Promised will have to wait. “The most popular – payment of staff salaries and vacation credit. No income, turnover and pay. But the banks, even government, are not going to meet entrepreneurs from the affected industries. So, the school of speed reading refused to preferential credit for wages – despite the fact that she salary the client co-Chairman BRO “OPORA Russia” in Belarus Timur Lukmanov. Entrepreneur who rents the property, said that while there is no official document about any benefit of the lease can not be a speech”.

As noted by the representative of the banking community zubairov, to provide crisis management services for banks to conclude agreements with the Ministry of economic development and state investbanka the web. Upon completion of all procedures credits will be issued.

In the circumstances no one sweet. Even partially working enterprises of small and average business has lost a significant portion of their income, thus are forced to pay wages to the staff. For them developed a second package of support measures.

the Parameters are not yet known. We only know that it will include the exemption for the property tax. Tax calculate not on the cadastral value and on the market that are much lower. But to apply it will be in settlements where lives less than 100 thousand people. In cities with a large population, the tax rate will only reduce.

“To make a sound decision, – said Rimma Boytsova – you need to wait for the results of April. Now there is a rating scale of distress. Otherwise, if every week to propose new measures by the time of adoption of regulatory-legal acts they may be out of date”.

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