Paul Pogba ((29) and Manchester United – anything but a success story. Now the Frenchman also gets an extra bonus if he leaves the club.

The reason is a salary cut: If Paul Pogba leaves Manchester United on a free transfer after six years in the summer, there will not be a single championship title on the balance sheet, but the Frenchman will receive a bonus of 4.5 million euros as a farewell. The reason is that his salary has been cut every year and the “loyalty bonus” now compensates for this deficit, the “Sun” reports.

A lot of money, no titles: Manchester United paid 105 million euros to Juventus Turin for Pogba six years ago. But the French national player was never able to help the “Red Devils” to achieve great sporting success. Pogba won the 2016/2017 Euroleague and the Ligapoka twice, in 2010 and 2017, with Man United.

future in Italy? As the “Sport-Bild” reports, the French now seem to be drawn back to Juventus Turin. The Daily Mail ranked him third among the biggest transfer flops Manchester United has ever made.