Manufacturer of dry ice explained the death of the inhabitants of Moscow in the bath

the Dry ice is completely safe, it is not toxic, the death of the partygoers occurred due to the fact that far exceeded the amount thrown into the hot water of the ice, which led to the immediate release of a large volume of carbon dioxide, said Telegram-“the Rise”, the representative of the enterprise for the production of dry ice Oleg Ulanov.

At the party in Moscow sauna was broken the rules of working with substance. Dry ice is carbon dioxide, and in concentrated form. The water was thrown 25 kg of the substance, it all instantly evaporated. “A huge amount of carbon dioxide rose out of the pool and pushed the air to the ceiling,” explained a mechanism specialist. People began to choke because the air was not enough. “It’s not poison, and suffocation,” – said Ulanov.

25 pounds is a very large portion of dry ice. 1 kg would have the same effect, says expert. In addition, there was a small room, the air from outside did not come. It’s like a knife – it’s safe for someone who cuts their onions, but in the hands of a maniac turns into weapons, the expert concluded.

Earlier, the “MK” has published a video of the beginning of the death of the people who came to the sauna with dry ice.