Manufacture of napkins and toilet paper will remain persistent

Among them are those who, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of industry and trade are the links of the chain of food production, attributed to the same category. Without exception, the mill – the enterprises of the continuous cycle, they do not stop 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The correspondent of “RG”, however, convinced that in the conditions of the pandemic in the early stages of work can be done even more intensively.

the Group of companies “Arkhangelsk PPM” includes several companies in different regions of Russia. They spetsializiruyutsya in manufacturing paperboard and market pulp, paper and paper stationery. To stop a major part of the production process here is simply impossible. Especially for the products of the companies growing demand.

“the presidential Decree does not apply to workers in continuously operating units, which include our factory, – said General Director of JSC “Arkhangelsk TSBK” Dmitry Zylev. The plant is a single unit, a single production, technological and service complex.”

For employees developed a new organization of work. For example, their ground is only leading specialists of production. And all service personnel, including mechanics, repairmen, technicians determined the mode of watch home on the phone. Required – on call and after performing the necessary operations will be sent home again. By the way, to exclude anadromous unnecessary contact with surfaces and the crowds, during peak hours all the companies of the plant hold the CAT door open.

Among other security measures – the standard steps, however, are executed very carefully: the pyrometer at the entrance, disinfection of premises and surfaces every two hours, access of all employees to disinfectants, the ban on travel and face to face meeting.

Segezha pulp and paper plant (Segezha Group flagship) solve the same problem. The plant is the Russian leader in production of brown Kraft paper (370 thousand tons per year). The company is the main employer, continuously operating, operating hazardous production facilities, as well as providing utilities. He also continues to work normally.

“the Smooth functioning of the production – a guarantee of preservation of workplaces not only the enterprise, but also in small and medium-sized business, supplying the plant with raw materials, spare parts, equipment, transportation, – said the company. – In this sector is also supported by existing business relations and established the rhythm of work.”

But the mode had to optimize: directly on the production remained only the most necessary personnel.

“the office Staff passes, employee CECHA finished products, employees who are in contact with representatives of other organizations as well as representatives of security service and clearing center mandatory are issued respirators and masks – said the head of service of industrial safety SPPM Dmitry Maurice. – Daily at the entrance to all employees, drivers of vehicles delivering to mill raw materials and exporting finished products, is measured. Drivers also provide protective masks. Every two hours in the shops and on the territory of the plant disinfection”.

the city-Forming enterprise is aware that the responsibility for the successful overcoming of the pandemic coronavirus – a collective, universal. And care not only about their own employees. Segezha Group is planning the purchase of Segezha CRH missing medical equipment, including artificial lung ventilation and related equipment. Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill passed sanitary-and-hygienic products Novodvinskaya the Central city hospital and the Seaside hospital. And informed the group of companies where he comes, sent 20 million rubles in the regional medicine.

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