(Manchester) For a fashion show, Chanel took the fashion world to Manchester, in the north of England, on Thursday, “one of the most vibrant capitals of pop culture,” according to the luxury house. .

“But why Manchester? “. Just before the parade begins, a few guests wonder, while pouring rain falls. Chanel’s choice of this former industrial city caused a certain skepticism, particularly in England. What’s more, in the middle of December, when night falls at 3:30 p.m.

But celebrities, clients and fashion journalists were there for this parade dedicated to artistic crafts, the know-how behind the luxury brand: pleaters, embroiderers, feather workers, bootmakers, hatters, etc.

Chanel’s last Métiers d’art show, a year ago, was in Dakar. This time, the luxury house has closed Thomas Street, one of the trendiest streets in Manchester, known for its bars, its tattoo artist and its facades covered in street art. A temporary roof was installed all along the street.

In the front row, actor Hugh Grant, director Sofia Coppola, brand ambassadors Charlotte Casiraghi, Kirsten Stewart etc. And Manchester footballers: Ruben Dias and Luke Shaw.

“I loved the rock side, the looks from the 60s,” British actress Jenna Coleman told AFP after the show.

“There were lots of references to the city” in the collection, says a Chanel client, Emma Kara, who lives in the region. “It’s great for Manchester! “.

The colors are pop: apple green, sky blue, red. The models parade in wrap skirts, godet mini-skirts, and Bermuda shorts. The brand’s codes are omnipresent: the camellia, the pearls, and especially the tweed suits, this very British fabric, essential at Chanel.

When it comes to clothing, Manchester knows a thing or two about it. In 1860, half of the world’s cotton was processed there. Textiles played a major role in the development of the city, which became one of the capitals of the industrial revolution.

Coming to England, the luxury house gives a nod to its founder, Coco Chanel (1883-1971). Her affair with the Duke of Westminster in the 1920s led to her spending time in Cheshire, not far from Manchester.

“Britain was a key inspiration for the work” of Gabrielle Chanel, the house explains. “She was in love with its elegance, its culture, its craftsmanship. They have been part of the House codes for over a hundred years.”

The idea of ​​coming to Manchester first came from Virginie Viard, the artistic director of Chanel. “Manchester is the city of music for me,” she explains in a press release. It is the “starting point of a musical culture that changed the face of the world”.

This is where The Smiths, Simply Red, Oasis and Stone Roses were born, to name a few. Members of the group New Order are among the guests.

Manchester “pushes for creation”, for Virginie Viard. She is a “trendsetter.”

The city applauded the arrival of one of the biggest luxury brands in the world. “It’s a fantastic tribute to the city’s past, present and future. This says a lot about how Manchester is viewed around the world,” the municipality said in a press release.

Manchester scored another victory earlier this week: the English National Opera will soon move from London to London.

But Manchester is also and perhaps above all the capital of football with its two clubs City and United. In the parade, models also wore scarves, like those of supporters in stadiums.