the Company was headed in a completely reckless manner, says the Court of Roskilde on the director and founder Lars Nørholt.

The former management of the company Hesalight must pay the 200 million kroner in damages to the bankruptcy estate. It has the Court of Roskilde on Tuesday ruled in a judgment.

The four convicted is Lars Nørholt, who was the founder and director, chairman of the board Lars Christian Jørgensen, member of the board Martin Kent Nielsen and auditor Frank Bergmann.

However, acquitted a fifth, there was the regatta, namely the member of the supervisory board Niels Mikkelsen. He was misled by the other and was only with the board in a short period of time, it sounds.

the Company achieved great attention for an impressive rapid growth, with the solutions with LED lights to customers all over the world. Hesalight was highlighted as a successful green company.

But after several press the red alarmknapper from the authorities and the press went to Roskilde-the company down. The bankruptcy occurred in november 2016.

According to the fraud squad were a number of investors have been deceived, just as there also had been other forms of economic crime.

In a judgment last year the district court decided to punish Lars Nørholt with imprisonment for seven years. On Thursday of this week will be the Eastern high court’s turn to decide whether he committed serious economic crime.

Tuesday’s ruling with regard to a civil case, as a curator Henrik Selchau Poulsen on behalf of the bankruptcy estate had brought. The amount is actually greater than the 200 million crowns, which are also to be paid procesrenter.

the Case has been extensive. The judgment is over 550 pages. The scale is also shown, that the convicted have to pay court costs of more than nine million dollars to the estate, while the estate, in turn, must pay 2.5 million dollars in legal costs to the frifundne Niels Mikkelsen.

In the court the liquidator among other things, claimed that Lars Nørholt wrongly drew 75 million out of the company for himself and his wife.

Also lost the company money on projects, which contend directly against the constitution. For example, in engagement with a company, which would provide for the sewerage system in a municipality in Serbia, have a medium of finance.en previously reported.

the Court notes that the Lars Nørholt led Hesalight on “a completely reckless manner”. For example, he contracts, as the company does not have the money or technical capability to meet. In addition, he used the company’s money to buy real estate in Mallorca.

In addition, be sentenced Lars Nørholt, Lars Christian Jorgensen and Frank Bergmann to indemnify Martin Kent Nielsen to pay compensation.

the Liquidator shall declare themselves satisfied with the decision:

– It has all the time been the view that the company’s management and the auditor incurred liability for the bankruptcy estate and its creditors, which the district court has granted the bankrupt’s estate upheld. We will now review the judgment in detail and have no further comments, saith the lawyer Henrik Selchau Poulsen