A “highly aggressive” 50-year-old man in Ansbach, while drunk, threatened his own family and the emergency services with a machete.

In Ansbach in Central Franconia, a 50-year-old was overwhelmed by emergency services after “massive threats” against his family and police officers and taken to a clinic. According to the police, the officials were alerted on Saturday evening because the man in a residential building in downtown Ansbach is said to have threatened his family members with wanting to attack them with a machete.

When a first police patrol reached the scene, “the highly aggressive 50-year-old also directed his massive threats against the officers,” the police said. The patrol called for reinforcements, including special forces, who finally overwhelmed the man.

The officials found the 50-year-old to have a breath alcohol content of more than one per thousand. The man had been temporarily accommodated in a specialist clinic because of his mental condition, it said. According to the police, the family members in the house, including the wife of the 50-year-old, were unharmed.