Man quarantined wanted chips and sent the dog for them in the store

a Resident of Mexico during your stay in quarantine so much wanted chips that appealed for help to his family pet Chihuahua.

Antonio muñoz attached the money and the note to the dog’s collar. The text message read: “Hello, dear shopkeeper. Please, sell my dog some Cheetos orange, and not red — they are too sharp.” In addition, the owner’s Chihuahua alerted the seller that if he will hurt the dog, the animal bites it.

Munoz said that his pet was a little timid in the field. The dog soon really brought the owner a package of corn chips, which was almost more of her, reports the Daily Mirror.

what tricks are people not only to brighten up your leisure time during the quarantine. Earlier it was reported that a resident of Spain offered to those wishing to rent their dog. The people using the parks the animal could explore. For bouncer this business ended not quite well — he faces a large fine.