The man was harassed in the Bus first passengers, and as Covid-19-Ill spent, reported to the police in Göttingen on Thursday.

“It is not at all funny, as supposedly Infected to output”

Because he did not want to leave the Bus, the police officers infection protection suit, mask and glasses, and led him away. The man came several times to the officers, wounding one of them slightly. The service is a Coronavirus was Test done, which came up negative. The man now awaits a criminal case for assault against law enforcement officers. Also, were put to him for the protective clothing and the detention of 415 Euro.

According to police, it was not the first case, in Göttingen, in the case of the people incorrectly as Coronavirus-Infected spending. “It is not at all funny, to put yourself in the current time as the supposedly Infected by the Corona Virus issue, only other in fear and terror,” said göttingen’s police President Uwe Lührig. “This misconduct is tolerated by the police in any case and with all the vehemence fight.” “Non-resilient”: epidemiologist criticises Merkel in the ARD for the doubling strategy, FOCUS Online/Wochit “Non-resilient”: epidemiologist criticises Merkel in the ARD for the doubling strategy