Police were notified about the accident of the CONSERVATORY at 15.25. Luftambulansen jerked to the place, and a man in 40s was confirmed dead on the spot, informs the South west police district.

Police were initially reluctant with information about the accident.

the Man is from Montana, but we do not want to go out with more details about the event right now, said operasjonsleder Kurt Løklingholm to VG shortly after the accident became known.

In a news release from police Thursday night, says that the man is resident in Stavanger.

The next of kin is notified of the accident.

It was in this area the man killed in a kiteulykke in Hunnedalen.

Photo: Håkon Vårhus Saw Demanding

a Sheriff at the Sirdal sheriff’s office, Egil gigs this year, tell that it was a demanding area to get up to get down the person.

– He was taken with the snowmobile and sled. But with competent and good people it went smoothly. We were the happen to work with a snowmobile, but it was completely necessary to get up to the deceased, says the gigs this year.

the Sheriff says that the man must have been too great a speed, been lifted up in the air and then fell down on a rock. According to the public health service on the site should he have died quickly.

– It is very tragic. It is about people in Sirdal this easter. Nevertheless, we get a death, ” says the gigs this year.

Sheriff Egil gigs this year in Sirdal describes the accident as tragic.

Photo: Siri Wichne Pedersen / NRK Was together with other

the Man was in a group with several, but should have been the only one kit of them, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

Richard Anthony Newman is the manager in Stavanger Kiteklubb. He told us that there has been no organized activity in the Hunnedalen in the day. All the events and collections in the direction of the club is cancelled due to koronaviruset.

Right now I’m trying to find out who it is, and what really has happened. We have called around. Most people we have had contact with so far, ” says Newman, when the NRK talk with him in the 18-to-time.

Fear it is someone he knows

Newman fear that this is a person he knows.

– that most of The kiter is a member in our kiteklubb. We are very close and good friends. What we believe is that we now may have lost a good friend. We would like to find out who it is, ” says Newman.

He believes kiting is a safe sport, even if it happens accidents.

This is very sad, ” says the head of the kiteklubben in Stavanger.

the Accident happened in Hunnedalen. Fylkesgrensa between Agder and Rogaland pass the valley. The accident must have happened on the Eastern side.