That is the moment a gang brandishing foot-long blades chases a guy in Hyde Park in front of horrified witnesses.

Members of the public can be seen running for cover as the team pursues what appears to be one victim, wearing a black tracksuit.

Another clip shows the guy slipping to the ground of this London park, providing the gang a chance to punch and kick him in the head.

One common video on social media shows a woman crying:’He has stabbed! There’s a knife, there is a knife!

In another, a man voice from the audience can be heard using street slang for stabbing, stating:’He impressed him! Oh *** he bored him!’

Following the attack unfolded at around 9pm last night, witnesses explained the weapons they saw as’swords’ and’machetes’.

It is not yet understood exactly what the confrontation was around and researchers are now trying to identify and monitor the attackers.

He had been taken to hospital for treatment and his injuries aren’t believed to be life threatening.

A cordon remained in position during last night while forensic investigators scoured the scenes for hints and uniformed officers interviewed witnesses.

The Metropolitan Police said there would be a bigger presence of officers at the playground this morning.