A 63-year-old man has been arrested, suspected of being behind the 11 brevtrusler on coronasmitte.

This was stated by The Police in a press release. the

“Our investigation indicates that it is this 63-year-old man, who is behind the 11 conditions that are notified to us over the last two weeks, and as the case of letters with threatening content,” explains police commissioner Carsten Straszek, head of the police investigation in the case, in the press release.

He insists in the same breath, that the police takes the matter very seriously:

“Coronaviruses have huge costs for all currently, and it is obviously scary and utrygt to be exposed to threats, so here it is in all ways a case, we take deeply seriously. Also even though the man has not shown signs of illness, while he has been in our custody,” stresses politikommissæren on.

According to the police most sent to private citizens in Aalborg.

‘The 11 reviews about the threats, as related to this case, are received from private citizens and one building society. In all cases, the complainant received one or more letters with threatening content,’ police said. the

In several of the letters there were threats made that the letter contained ”coronasmitte”.