he said this during a live broadcast in Instagram c General producer of TV channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki. Mamaev said that has no regrets and is grateful for the experience.

“I’d like to have the history and Kokorin. I have no regrets in life, it’s a great experience, he said. – When you live in your little world, not knowing what’s happening, you think you’re invincible. I learned a lot of interesting people, I realized that I am not Superman. I realized that life doesn’t revolve around me. It is necessary in each situation to draw conclusions, to answer for their actions. This situation taught me a lot, I would have never otherwise this experience would not have – and would have floated farther downstream and thought that everything revolves around me. But it turned out that we revolve around something.”

Mamaev sure that in life you get what you deserve. However, even this will not make him abandon the friendship and Kokorin, which in the autumn of 2018 player “Rostov” has taken part in two fights in the center of Moscow, for which he received a year and five months in prison, and the forward “Zenith” – a year and a half. But last fall, all persons involved in the case was released on PAROLE.

“We Kokorin not going to stay away from each other. In conversations among themselves and made some conclusions. We are in this mess, no one is vinyl. This situation has occurred, we have made General conclusions. It’s not that I’m good and you bad. Not afraid to go with Sasha in the restaurant,” said Mamaev.