Famous Russian TV presenter Elena Malysheva, who always had a mixed reaction to the pandemic COVID-19, decided to end its quarantine regime and travelled abroad.

It is reported that the passengers of flight Moscow – new York at Sheremetyevo airport noticed Malyshev on this flight.

She appeared in a noticeably deserted airport with things, has been registered and boarded the plane. But the TV presenter does not hide the fact that she really decided to go to the States.

In her Instagram account she posted a pretty detailed video, which was dedicated to his trip. She said she was tired of sitting at home, and she really wanted to travel. Malyshev did not hide his joy that she is finally able again to do his favorite thing – travel around the world.

The TV presenter confirmed the fact that passengers at the airport is very small. But some of the most determined people still dare to travel in such turbulent times, writes