A six-year-old girl used cocaine and alcohol at her mother’s party in Mallorca. The next day, due to her poor health, she had to be taken to a hospital where doctors performed blood tests. At first, they only suspected an infection, reports “Diario de Mallorca”.

But the results revealed that her symptoms were due to cocaine use. The girl had voluntarily consumed the drug the night before at the party. The next day, she began behaving strangely at school, which prompted the ambulance to be called.

“Gomorrah” author Roberto Saviano with a groundbreaking report on cocaine.

The mother was arrested by the police for causing dangerous bodily harm. She explained that she did not know that her daughter had consumed the drug.

The six-year-old is currently in the care of the youth welfare office. The police are also investigating whether the cocaine use was an isolated case or whether it was due to long-term use. The results of further investigations are awaited.