According to a new rating of TV presenters, the audience in Russia, which at the time of isolation are much more likely to watch TV, most believe the showman Andrei Malakhov. Such data are cited by the research holding “ROMIR”.

In second place was Maxim Galkin. Previously, he held only the fourth place, but this time he managed to shift his colleague Ivan Urgant. Third place Alexander Gordon, which increases the level of confidence among Russians for the second time in a row.

The Russians included in the list of trust and journalists Vladimir Pozner and Vladimir Soloviev. They took fifth and sixth lines. Seventh place was awarded to the resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya. Behind it stands the media Manager Alexander Norkin and participant in controversial reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina. Tenth place the Russians gave Leonid Yakubovich.

The survey involved 2,400 people older than 14 years, among which were buyers, users and consumers. Respondents had different socio-demographic characteristics, buying and media-preferences. The rating could include a person for whom television is the main activity.

Wrote Alexander Gordon a few weeks ago, has terminated his marriage with Nazanin Abdullayeva first. According to media reports, the man did not advertise this information.