Multimedia Now we are forced to need to move away from (some of) your loved ones, then the technology we are happy to help each other, however, remains to be seen, via videocalls. Do you want to fiddling about with headsets and webcams to avoid it, then grab your straight away to have a good tablet.Led.own the best tablet for you.

video Conferencing on the laptop, it helps so many of us, for now, our job is to be able to continue to do it, and by way of their smartphones WhatsAppen can also do this with video too. The easiest way to get to each other via technology at a distance, to see is to have the tablet’s screen is slightly larger, and if you have a device with a structured front-facing camera, then you can have each other and have their own show.

Display and camera

Display and camera are the most important criteria to look for. Schermgewijs, you’ll be fine with a phone with a Full HD screen resolution: 1.290 at 1,080 pixels or more.

Next, the front-facing camera, which you need to pay attention to the number of pixels. At 5 megapixels, you’ll be fine for the setting-up of a high-quality stream, but there are also some sets with a higher number of megapixels for their front-facing camera.Click here to view all of the devices with a 5-megapixelscamera or later.

Apple-iPad-Air-2019 (€ 528)

Which tablets are the say, ” says Apple’s iPad, which continues to be a solid choice in the algemeen.De the latest version of the apple ipad Air will, from 2019 onwards, is, in any case, good to the internet. True, you will have to pay more than 500 euros for it, but in return you’ll get a front-facing camera, with a very nice 7 megapixel still images and a display screen with a resolution of 2.224 to 1.668 pixels.Click here to view the Apple iPad Air in 2019.

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