The head of the Russian occupation administration in Zaporizhia is said to have banned the sale of alcoholic beverages to Russian soldiers. This is reported by the Ukrainian secret service. There is said to be a major alcohol problem in the troops, which is said to have led to criminal offenses and traffic accidents.

Russia is said to have banned its soldiers from buying alcoholic beverages in the occupied Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia. This is reported by the Ukrainian secret service on its Facebook page. Accordingly, the head of the occupation administration, Ivan Sushko, is said to have decided not even beer should be served. The ban on alcohol is now a “preventive” measure, according to the secret service. The information cannot be independently verified.

It has long been known that the Russian army in southern Ukraine appears to have a major alcohol problem. The secret service now says that this has already led to discipline violations, traffic accidents and serious crimes. Some soldiers left their assigned posts drunk, others showed up at the shooting range or disobeyed regulations on the use of small arms.