The Easter weekend for the people in Rhineland-Palatinate due to the Corona-crisis as a touchstone. According to the Police directorates, the people were largely to the contact restrictions. The number of Infected rose on Sunday next.

restraining order

Easter alone or together: The people in Rhineland-Palatinate, held on Easter Sunday, largely to the contact restrictions due to the Corona-crisis. This is the police headquarters reported that in the afternoon. “Most of the people adhere to the distance rules,” said a police spokesman in Mainz. A Barbecue and a coffee had been dissolved party. Also in Trier, it was said: “There is a great acceptance in the population.” Only a few police reported service violations from the weekend.


High representative of the Church to languages in the Corona-crisis of the believers in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate to Easter courage and made hope. “Fear is the dominant feeling of life of many people,” said the Mainz Bishop Peter Kohl count, according to pre-spread speech manuscript, in the Easter vigil on Saturday in Mainz Cathedral. “Fear of contagion, deep fear of death, fear of being alone, the experience of Overwork, the fear of the loss of material foundations, vocational Concerns, and much more.” Bishops and Church presidents in the crisis, but also an opportunity. Because of the Corona-crisis and contagion risk, the churches stayed over the Easter weekend empty.


The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate on Sunday, once again slightly increased. Stand 10.00 PM were detected, according to the health Ministry in Mainz 4773 cases, the 72 with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 infected people more than the day before. The number of Virus-associated deaths increased by 4 to 69. The Ministry pointed out that the cases on weekends and holidays from the health offices are sometimes reported to be delayed.

an emergency reserve IN case of respiratory protection

A respiratory protective mask in the emergency medical service is a matter of course. Thus, the remains of a possible emergency so began the German Red cross (DRK), Rhine-Hesse-Nahe thus, used masks to prepare for afterwards use. The recycling is more of a theoretical nature: The processed masks are for the time being will only be stored in Sprendlingen (in the district of Mainz-Bingen). “Only in the absolute emergency, when we have no more Material in Sprendlingen, and if no masks are restocked – only then would we begin, under certain circumstances, these masks spend,” emphasizes a disinfector of the DRC in a Podcast of the rescue service.