Formula 1 drivers are true enough on the move all the time, and it applies not only on the field.

In the eight months, the season usually lasts, when the world is otherwise not affected by a pandemic, moving the globe around all the time, and therefore took the Danish Kevin Magnussen before he got married last summer, in a quick decision, he moved to Dubai.

the Move should ensure that he has not spent huge amounts of time on all the time to stop over before going to the next destination. But the decision he has regretted, why he moved to London, he tells in an interview with the magazine File.

“I thought it would be optimally. The part with to save flyturene was also fine, but the actual Dubai was not something for me. It was not my cup of tea,” says the dane, and puts multiple words at:

“There was a big kulturforskel, and actually there was not really anything to do besides lie by the pool or skydive and all the classic ferieting. It is a bit of a fake environment,” explains Kevin Magnussen.

Then, he moved to Dubai, full career everything for him, but now is the number one priority family and friends, he says.

Like so many other sports Formula 1 is currently suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus.

the Season should have been set in motion earlier this month in Australia.