Kevin Magnussen seems that it sounds tremendously to have to run up to 18 races at the half year, due to coronakrisen.

Two Formula 1 grandprixer is already canceled because of coronakrisen, and six others are deferred. It will be a compressed Formula 1 season, when it could take its start later in the year.

was Originally supposed to run 22 grandprixer, but according to Chase Carey, the president of the company behind the Formula 1, it is still the ambition to run 15 to 18 years, although you earliest get started mid June.

The Danish Formula 1-touch, Kevin Magnussen, it seems, that it sounds like a big mouthful.

– It sounds crazy, if we need to run 18 races in half a year. But if it is how it will be, we must do it and so see family for christmas.

– I will not be able to say whether it can be done, but it sounds violent, says Kevin Magnussen for TV3 Sport.

the Season should have been started in Australia 15. march, but as it looks now, is the ambition to shoot the season started in Canada 14. June.

– Perhaps it could be cool to try (with so many races in a short time, red.). We would at least like to run out soon, says Magnussen.