A man divorces his wife for a particularly curious reason. She is to serve him instant noodles every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Her lack of cooking skills upset her husband.

A man in India divorced his wife because he was dissatisfied with her cooking skills. His partner is said to have served him instant noodles every day. They were then eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, reports The New Indian Express.

Quick overview of the most important questions and answers – avoiding the consequences of divorce

Although the man filed for divorce, this was then done by mutual consent. The judge overseeing the case referred to the curious breakup as the “Maggi case.”

According to the judge, such strange divorces are not uncommon. Again and again he receives divorce applications from couples just a few days after the marriage. Reasons for this can be absurd, either the couple does not speak to each other, they sprinkle salt on the wrong side of the plate, or they sew the wedding suit in the wrong color.