Venezuela, where thanks to government subsidies, the cost of gasoline is the lowest in the world, imposes this type of fuel new pricing. According to the President of the country Nicolas Maduro, gasoline will rise in price from the first of June.

Stop a significant part of the refinery to the Venezuelan national company PDVSA has led to the need to import fuel from abroad, particularly from Iran. The government intends to use the plan for distribution of gasoline, which includes the revision of the cost of imported fuel in the domestic market, RIA Novosti reported.

Maduro said that gasoline in the country will be subsidized. Price including subsidy will be 5000 bolivars per liter (or 2.5 cents). “Car owners will be able to count to 120 litres per month, motorcycles – 60 liters” – said the President. In excess of the established quota of petrol will be charged at international prices. Refilling of public transport will be subsidized at 100% for 90 days.

from the first of June 1.5 thousand Venezuelan gas stations are willing to work to provide citizens with petrol. Selling is carried out on schedule. In Venezuela the price of gasoline was symbolic. According to the Constitution of the Republic of the fuel is the property of the people as all subsoil and mineral resources.