Oaks became the first finalist, having confidently beaten the representative of China Ding Liren in two mini-matches (2,5:1,5 and 2,5: 0,5). But Nakamura has defeated world champion Magnus Carlsen only in “Armageddon”. In the first semifinal match was stronger than Carlsen (3:0), in the second Nakamura – 2,5:1,5. After four games the third game of the confrontation, the account was again equal to 2:2, but in the additional party’s victory with the black pieces and won by Nakamura.

– Get the better of Magnus Carlsen is a great achievement, – quotes the words of Nakamura portal chess24 on which broadcasts and discussions of the parties. At least, once I found a way. And I’m happy.

And here is what he wrote in his Twitter after the defeat Carlsen: “When you feel better and relax a bit, many people rejoice in your mistakes. Well, enjoy it while you have the chance.”

Yesterday, Oaks and Nakamura got a day of rest. Finals will take place on 1 and 2 June. In case of a tie the decisive match will take place on 3 June. Experts say, the Russian chess player has a good chance to win. Nakamura is also a high opinion of the opponent.

– In Dubova very creative. He does not belong to the category of players who clearly follow the theory – said Nakamura. – He’s always got a lot of ideas. So the match will be interesting.