Many in such difficult circumstances depends on the coaches. Their talent and skills in the shortest possible time to help the players to get in shape. But what kind of consistent work you can tell if the RPL came almost to the leaders in Europe for the firing of coaches? No joke: last season of the 16 professionals who led their teams at the start of the championship, the place has retained only five of them. And some of them have also faced certain difficulties.

According to unofficial information some media reports, the conflict with the leadership of “Zenith” came from Sergei Semak. It was reported even that the sports Director of “blue-white-blue” Javier Ribalta already in the process of finding a new mentor. Himself Semak, who was recently named the best coach of RPL, said: what will happen next year, nobody knows.

Rumors about a conflict with a management “Zenith”? All right. In the club everything is OK, no change in my work there. I play 100 per cent every day, and what will happen in the year nobody can say, – said Semak broadcast “Match TV”.

the Trend lately is that even a good result does not guarantee a particular coach keep his job. A vivid example of Yuri Semin. Since the next return in “the locomotive” in 2016, he led the team to victory in the League and the domestic super Cup, twice won the Cup of Russia, but even before the resumption of last season left the club. Although at the point of care Semina “red-green” was second in the standings.

Plus or minus a similar situation exists in the “Khimki”. Sergey Yuran, in which the “red-black” solved the task of qualifying to the Premier League and reached the final of the Cup of the country in which Zenit won thanks to a penalty in the end, a few days before the start of the season was dismissed.

In his dismissal Yuran were quick to accuse the new Director General of “Spartak” Shamil Gazizov. Earlier in the press appeared information that the “red-white” and “Khimki” have agreed about partnership. Perhaps that is why Yuran said the name Gazizova. Say, that’s capital club took the decision to change coach “Khimki”.

True or not – nobody knows. In any case, the contract with Urana was terminated, and in its place replaced known for his work in “Spartacus” Dmitry gun’ko. The specialist has already introduced the team, which under his leadership will be released next Saturday for the first round match of the Premier League against CSKA Moscow.

According Gunko, the proposal of “Khimki” received him on Saturday. “For me it is a serious challenge. It would be foolish to forgo the option to lead the club to Premier League”, – quotes the coach website of the Moscow club.