Macron announced major measures of economic support for citizens and businesses

“We are at war. It is a war for health. We are not fighting against the army or against another nation. But the enemy here is invisible, elusive, coming. But this requires our mobilization,” — said the President of France Emmanuel macron, was quoted by the newspaper Les Echos.

However, from the time of Napoleon Bonaparte in France, as elsewhere in the world, a lot has changed. And the war does not “feed itself”. But to fight an invisible enemy means are necessary the considerable. And, according to Macron, the authorities select them.

Emmanuel macron promised to guarantee Bank loans to companies worth up to 300 billion euros to confront the economic crisis that is associated with the coronavirus.

the Head of state has announced “exceptional measures for deferral of tax and social payments, support or deferral of Bank charges and state guarantee up to 300 billion euros in all Bank loans,” reports Les Echos.

the Head of state promised that “no business is on the brink of bankruptcy”. “The youngest of them, who are in difficulty, while the current situation continues, will not need to pay any taxes or social security contributions,” he assured him.

in addition, he announced the suspension of billing for water, gas or electricity, and for rent.

“the Scheme partial termination of work will be significantly expanded,” he added, “All businesses must organise the opportunity for remote work”.